Via the website www.robi.postbus.ch, you can make your request according to your arrival or departure in Saas-Fee and check the availability of Robi.

1a. Choose the date and time of your arrival in Saas-Fee, bus terminal.
1b. Choose the date and time of your desired departure from Saas-Fee. Also indicate the pick-up location and click on the related schedule.

2. Select the available Robi reservation time: you will have about 15 minutes for your trip.

3. When you arrive by bus in Saas-Fee, go to Robi that will be waiting for you at the bus terminal, or when you return, go to the selected stop.

4. Follow the instructions given to you by the teleoperator and start! N.B. For the time being, our Robi - a unique piece - can only go on the Dorfstrasse for reasons of authorisation.

Please make your reservation at least 5 minutes before Robi's scheduled departure time.

When making your reservation, please do not forget to mention your name, surname and phone number to receive your confirmation by SMS.

We strongly advise you to watch Robi's video when you make your reservation, as you will find all the relevant information there. If you want to watch the video again you can see it at any time on the website under "video tutorial".

We can never be sure of a traffic disruption. The online SBB timetable is authoritative.

If the route is no longer available, it is displayed in grey and cannot be selected. In this case, please choose another schedule.

Robi is on duty from 8:30 am to 12:00 am and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm every day, for this pilot phase.

You have 15 minutes to complete your journey, after which Robi must return to its base or prepare to take on its next mission.

Robi is a one-off and will be the only one carrying your luggage in Saas-Fee.

Yes you can, if it is not already occupied.

He is waiting for you at the bus terminal.

  • Allalin
  • Central
  • Dorfplatz
  • Gletscherbrücke

At the moment our Robi can only go on the Dorfstrasse for reasons of authorization.

Where is Robi?

No, it is free and offered by our partners during this pilot phase until the end of August.

Robi can carry up to 100 kg of luggage, which is usually the luggage of 4 people. It can also carry 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards.

The transport of animals, dangerous or illegal materials is not allowed.

Yes, in the case of cancellation, we ask you to do so as soon as possible so as not to block Robi unnecessarily.

During the month of June, a security guard will be available to check that everything is going well. In July and August, the teleoperator will monitor the trip remotely from his control station.

You can check where Robi is in Saas-Fee at any time. Follow him live under Where is Robi?.

You can reach the operator at any time: his number will be given to you when Roby picks you up.

It is advisable to take a little margin but the reserved time slot must allow you to reach your destination in time, except for unforeseen events.

Yes, they are encrypted and are not passed on to third parties or stored for other purposes.
Data protection

The liability for luggage and skis loaded by passengers is the same as for hand luggage according to the Federal Law on Passenger Transport (LTV).
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